Hospitals, clinics, physician offices, diagnostic centers, pharmacies, labs, rehabilitation centers and nursing homes are well suited for logoed attire for doctors, nurses, technicians, administrators and maintenance staff.  Our full-service design, printing and embroidery capabilities provide fast turnaround and guaranteed adherence to the color and design standards of our clients.  We can print and embroider on lab coats, scrubs, t-shirts and executive wear such as polos and button-down shirts.

Our in-house custom art team can work with your marketing and special events staff to create innovative designs for themed staff events, fund raising activities, community service projects and special events sponsored by healthcare organizations.  We specialize in t-shirt designs that communicate group identity and inspire conversation.  An original design from Stuph Clothing can enhance your group’s marketing initiatives and be a keepsake from your special event.


Central Florida is known around the world for its attractions and hospitality industry.  From Orlando International Airport, rental car companies, taxi and bus services to theme parks, convention facilities, resorts, hotels, timeshares, restaurants, golf courses, Daytona International Speedway, professional sports, Kennedy Space Center and world famous beaches on two coasts, we have something for every guest visiting our region.  Custom apparel from Stuph Clothing will leave your customers with the right first impression of your brand and hospitality services.

We offer hospitality companies logoed apparel from a wide variety of garment manufacturers or on specialty apparel they source elsewhere.  Custom t-shirts; embroidered or printed polos; button-down shirts; restaurant, hotel and resort uniforms; golf attire and spa wear are just a few of the categories of garments we can work with.  Need something else?  Leverage our resources to locate the idea fit for your business.

Retailing your establishment’s brand as a profit center is big business and something we take very seriously at Stuph Clothing.  Matching the right look and apparel quality/style to your customers’ demographics is critical to increasing your share of the hospitality merchandise market.  We can design your merchandise line from scratch or come alongside your marketing professionals and freshen up your existing offerings.

Public Service

Identity and image are two main reasons public service personnel wear custom-printed and embroidered apparel.  In emergency situations, law enforcement, fire protection and emergency medical personnel need to be quickly identifiable by the public.  Custom apparel is perfectly suited for the job.  In addition to formal department uniforms, these groups utilize custom t-shirts, printed or embroidered polos and button-down shirts, jackets and hats.  We can apply department logos or create an original design for work gear and shirts headed to special events.  Public safety workers are increasingly interested in bright “safety green” or “safety orange” t-shirts to supplement or replace safety vests.  When worn alone, this apparel is not only cooler, but also increases mobility.

Cities, counties and state agencies use logoed t-shirts and professional wear to outfit their employees working in communities.  From public works employees, meter readers and inspectors to administrators and office staff, custom apparel in public service draws attention to your role in the community and presents a consistent and professional image to citizens.  Stuph Clothing has access to thousands of garment types and specializes in printing and embroidering logos and custom designs on this apparel.

Small Business

Small business owners use custom apparel normally as uniforms for employees or as a promotional tool for their business.  Custom t-shirts for line employees involved in operations are commonly used as a means to standardize the look of employees to customers and to promote a team spirit and shared values among workers.  Firms involved in construction, landscaping, building maintenance, equipment service, manufacturing, wholesale/distribution, fitness and retailers are just a few of the businesses that utilize custom apparel for their staff.  Embroidered polos, button downs and jackets are popular with not only professional service firms, but also sales and customer service personnel and managers.  Law, accounting, engineering and advertizing firms along with banks, insurance agencies and dealerships of all types have incorporated this apparel into their business casual dress policies.  Stuph Clothing understands business casual and the benefits logoed attire can bring these firms.

Shirts from Stuph Clothing provide a cost-effective way for smaller firms to position themselves with customers and effectively compete with the big guys.  The logoed and professional appearance custom apparel brings to an organization can make the difference between winning the confidence and respect of a new customer and losing it to a competitor that a appeared to have great capabilities because of how they dress.