Private Schools

Historically known for standardized dress policies, many private schools have continued the tradition of student uniforms on campus.  Other private schools have more casual dress codes and encourage kids to wear school logoed t-shirts or embroidered polo and button-down shirts for school spirit days, special events and game days.  Stuph Clothing is a one-stop shop for custom design, private school uniforms, screen printed t-shirts and embroidery for school administrators, club sponsors, sports teams, fine arts departments and booster clubs.

Student sporting activities like football, cross country, basketball, wrestling, swimming, volleyball, lacrosse, softball, soccer, tennis, track and field, field and ice hockey, dance, cheerleading, gymnastics and crew are popular sports that use custom tees, sweat clothes and other customized apparel for warm-up and/or sports uniforms.  This apparel promotes team spirit and identity at sporting events and throughout the local community.

Participants in the arts are also common users of custom-designed shirts that promote band, glee, drama and dance.  Stuph Clothing artists can develop original designs for these groups and can incorporate client-supplied art into a one-of-a-kind creation.

Public Schools

Educators in public school systems all around the country have used custom apparel in their athletic, music and arts programs for years.  Communicating identity through logoed attire and themed custom designs promotes school pride and builds connections between diverse student groups and the community.  Many public schools have moved to student uniforms to promote harmony and professionalism among the student body.  Education is serious business, and some public schools have elevated their dress code standards because they believe it will help set the tone in their school for a positive learning environment allowing students to fully engage in their education.  Public school uniforms and staff shirts from all the leading manufacturers are available through Stuph Clothing.

Sports programs are a tradition in public schools.  Stuph Clothing provides custom t-shirts, sweat shirts, pants and game day professional apparel like embroidered polo shirts and jackets for the team and coaching staff.  Student athletes involved in popular sports like football, soccer, tennis, cross country, basketball, wrestling, softball, track and field, field and ice hockey, swimming, volleyball, lacrosse, dance, cheerleading, gymnastics and crew are perfectly suited for custom apparel by Stuph Clothing.





Colleges and universities are widely promoted by students, alumni and fans through logoed and themed t-shirts, polo shirts, jackets, blankets, umbrellas and are worn or carried around the world.  School book stores, merchandise stands at sporting events and retailers are just a few of the places that sell this apparel.  Stuph Clothing’s in-house custom design team can work with institutions or resellers to develop apparel for special events, sports teams, student groups, fraternities, sororities, alumni and fans in general.  Our designers are accustomed to adhering to strict color and design standards when working with existing logos and design elements.  We have experience in developing merchandising lines for resellers and offer online retailing and web fulfillment for groups of all types.  These arrangements commonly involve a revenue sharing element which offers financial benefits to these groups.